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Hershey's ® Premium
Ice Cream

This is the very best of the best that we make.  A higher butterfat content brings out even more of the creamy flavor in every bite.  Hershey's® Ice Cream shakes, splits, smoothies, cups, and dishes are better than ever with our ultra-rich, ultra-premium ice cream. Best of all, 57% of our Premium Gold flavors are Gluten free.  Also, a whopping 79% of our Premium flavors are Gluten free!
Please note that our ice cream flavors are subject to change without notice.

Cappuccino Crunch
Green Mint Chip

Vanilla, Chocolate & Twirl

Soft serve is perfect for when you are hungry for some rich and creamy soft serve ice cream! Our soft serve is some of the best you will taste, and it's made with gluten free ingredients! With varieties such as chocolate, vanilla, and twist, plus custard as well as ice cream, you can't go wrong. 
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Via Veneto Italian Ice

This is a fat & cholesterol free non-dairy water-based product.  Unlike "snow cones" and "shaved ice" which are nothing more than syrup poured over ice, Via Veneto Italian Ice is made with time-honored recipes and blended in a special freeze machine to a smooth "creamy-like" consistency.



Cherry,  Lemon,   Mango,   Pina Colada,   Rainbow,   Tie Dye,   Watermelon   Chocolate with Chocolate Chips

Round Pints

They are an easy way to take home your own Hershey's® Ice Cream in a variety of flavors. Plenty of our round pints are gluten-free! With over 30 flavors to choose from, you are bound to find a flavor to please everyone in your household! 

birthday cake.png
banana pudding.png
midnight caramel river.png
neapolitan quart.png

1.5 Quart Scrounds

They are the best way to take home a full 1.5 quarts of your favorite Hershey's® Ice Cream flavors. Each Scround is packed with our delicious premium ice cream and are chock full of add-ins. in your household! 

Ice Cream Cakes

They are a great idea for any time! They are perfect for birthdays, anniversaries or any occasion something special is needed. 
Our ice cream cakes come in 7" round and sheet cake sizes. Delicious vanilla and chocolate ice cream with tasty chocolate crunchies add to the great flavor of Hershey's® Ice Cream. 

round cake.png
sheet cake.png
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